Difficulties in Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial cyber security has become critical in today’s environment, with an emphasis on ensuring the safe and secure continuation of industrial activities. For businesses that operate, the availability, integrity, and security of the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) infrastructure are critical. Operating businesses face numerous challenges in keeping a cyberthreat-free and vulnerability-safe environment. These issues are being caused by the introduction of new technologies into ICS, the evolution of ICS environment designs that integrate business and ICS, and the division of maintenance and support duties between OT and IT. Information interchange, storage, and vital infrastructure all depend on industrial cyber security.

Service Description

Through four service delivery models, including industrial network security, operational technology cyber security, and other services, our Industrial Cyber Security services provide our knowledge and skills to you.

Consulting Engagements: Assist you in locating vulnerabilities that cyber threat actors may exploit in your OT personnel, procedures, and technological areas. Our assistance is in creating strategic plans and roadmaps that advance your cyber security defensibility and maturity, lowering operational risk and preserving secure and highly available production capabilities.

Project Implementation Services: By utilising our experience, we can assist you in strengthening and enhancing your cyber security capabilities. These can include creating policies and procedures, implementing technical solutions, and operationalizing daily tasks like keeping an eye on, managing, and reacting to cyber security alerts and warnings from your production environment.

Workforce Augmentation: When you find it difficult to locate resources internally or externally to fill a position on projects or day-to-day operations, provide skills and resources to complement your needs for Cyber Security workforce.

Managed Security Services: With the help of our knowledgeable team and managed services, you can be guaranteed a steady supply of highly qualified professionals to oversee daily cyber security monitoring and infrastructure capabilities management in your setting.

Client Benefits

Client Benefit #1

By utilising our extensive industry experience, you can quickly identify your cyber security vulnerabilities and threats, as well as plan repair actions that will lower the risks involved.

Client Benefit #2

In a time when acquiring Cyber Security skills is challenging, our highly qualified staff and our ability to source solutions from industry leading vendors may assist you in deploying capabilities to increase your defensibility.

Client Benefit #3

The managed services offered by Truepixsinfotech have the potential to monitor and manage the various components of your Cyber Security infrastructure more affordably while simultaneously providing specialised resources for multiple clients.