With the Correct Strategic Insights, Plan Ahead

Integrated Strategic Solutions remove gaps in the competitive market of today. Truepixs Infotech serves customers who seek to develop strategic solutions (BPO, IT, and consulting) and get rid of operational shortcomings in order to maintain their competitive edge over time. Our creative, expedited Business Transformation methods produce quantifiable gains in important KPIs like Return on Equity and Free Cash Flow.

Consultation Procedure

Describe the Issue

In this initial phase, we identify the true issues facing the clients. Most of the time, we frame the issue as a query that the client wants answered. This makes it possible for us to compile a list of the details you need in order to respond to your query.

Arrange the Issue

To make the problem easier to solve, we first define it and then organise and deconstruct it. Typically, this is accomplished by creating an issue tree that breaks down the problem into manageable chunks and gives your customer and consulting team a clear overview.

Set Priorities for Problems

Following the problem’s definition and structure, we rank each of its component parts according to importance or likelihood of providing insight into the problem’s solution.

Plans for Analysis and Work

Based on how you prioritised the concerns in the previous stage, we create a list of the analyses you want to perform in this step. Creating a work plan to determine the allocation of the work and deadlines is another part of this process.

Make an Analysis

We lay the foundation for the consulting project in this step. This step was prepared for using the preceding steps. When the analysis is done, everyone in the team gets to work on their assigned duties. Interviews, client workshops, data analysis, research, etc. are all included in this phase.

Synthesis Results

In this stage, we bring together all of the analysis pieces’ results and attempt to extract insights by connecting the findings to the problem statement that was derived in the framework’s first step.